Creative Curating is the outcome of family thinking. 2015 marks the start of our non-profit organisation. We promote international art, culture and heritage in the UK and Europe. We aim to represent and support international creative talents including artists, musicians, designers and many more.

Unurmaa (Unro) Janchiv, our Executive Director is a well respected management professional specialising in cultural diplomacy, business, foreign investment and international relations having previously worked for the Mongolian Parliament and the Centre for Scientific and Technological Information in her native country Mongolia. Unurmaa's academic background includes BA in Linguistics and MA in Diplomatic Studies. She is Board Member of the Mongolian Association in the UK. Her achievements include displaying Batbileg Darjaa's artwork dedicated to the British rock band Queen at the Dominion Theatre for two and a half years and signing a music licensing contract to be used in TV series "Marco Polo" on Netflix with the Weinstein Company on behalf of Altan Urag, the Mongolian folk rock band. In August 2014, Unurmaa was appointed as a Chair of Committee on Art, Culture and Tourism of the Council of Mongolians Abroad.

Azkhuu (Azaa) Tsamba, our Director of Publicity and Volunteers, previously was a University Professor specialised in Computer Technology over five years. His academic background includes MSc in Electric Engineering. He worked for "Odod" Studio for two years before starting a photography studio. Azkhuu regularly works with partner organisations  as an event recorder.  

Anu (Anushka) Gantumur, our Director of Innovation and Event Coordinator, is a BA undergraduate studying International Relations. Her past work experience at established institutes such as the London Stock Exchange provide her with constant creative ideas. Anushka always had a creative flare since a very young age as she attended Sylvia Young Theatre School, Royal Academy of Music and Centre for Young Musicians.