Eventful Times

It’s been a while since the last blog post but we have had very exciting events through the summer and in these last few months before the New Year.



So in the summer, the whole crew of Creative Curating were in Mongolia for a long wonderful two months. It was hectic from start to finish.

First of all, it was the 20th anniversary of ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) that took place in Ulaanbaatar. Our very own Director of Publicity, Azaa was part of the media team who took photos of world leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj.

However, our main goal in Mongolia was to spread the word of the work that Creative Curating are doing here in Europe. Unurmaa did several interviews on main television channels and this led to us having meetings with top quality designers, musicians, museum curators and government officials, who we spoke to about the future of international creative expansion by Mongolians.

The trip was very successful, and look forward to working with all those we built a relationship with this summer.


BMI London Awards

As for me (Anushka), once I returned from Mongolia, I had the honor of being part of the Broadcast Music Inc. awards that took place in London’s Dorchester Hotel.

The highlight for me was seeing Sting, the BMI Icon Award winner perform ‘Every Breath You Take’ and ‘Message In A Bottle’. It was amazing to watch him with just his guitar and voice, stripped back.

There were some fantastic songwriters there including Hozier (Take Me To Church), Rudimental (Waiting All Night), Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars), Disciples (How Deep Is Your Love) and many more.

Below is a picture of the President of BMI with myself. I feel so lucky to have been a part of an unforgettable night.


London Freize Art Fair 2016

Frieze London 2016 brought together over 160 of the world’s leading galleries to showcase works by newly discovered artists alongside some of the most respected names in contemporary art.

There were three sections: Focus, the definitive destination to discover young talents; Live, creating moments of immersion and interaction with participatory performance works; and The Nineties, recreating seminal exhibitions from this decade.

This year it seemed that the art was really trying to be thought-provoking and not just only look beautiful. Every piece had a meaning or story it was trying to tell.

The strangest part of the experience was the live Virtual Reality headset that we all tried. Seventeen Gallery had a booth with a VR film 'Transdimensional Serpent' (2016), by Jon Rafman. It definitely made you feel as if you were transported to another world, sitting on a massive snake while quite dark and shadowy figures run around you. I’m actually a bit of a wimp and had to close my eyes when the “scariest” part happened. Yet, experiencing this made the three of us believe that using new media and technology (such as VR) could really revolutionize art.


What we are looking forward to for next year

We’re building up our contacts within the art world, the music industry, and even in politics. So, the events we are preparing for early next year are truly exciting.

We want to thank all those that have supported us and continue to do so, as well as our new supporters.

Our world is full of inspired creativity, and all we want is to showcase the talent of these gifted individuals.


Anushka (Innovation Director)



A New Blog Page To Help You Keep Up With Us

Creative Curating has been around for about a year now, and we thought it's about time we joined the blogosphere! Admittedly, it will be mainly me (Anushka) writing about what we've got our eye on in regards to musicians, designers, film makers and what we actually get up to day to day.

For example, as well as being part of Creative Curating, I am interning in the London office of Broadcast Music Inc. which is an American performing rights society that works closely with songwriters and composers to make sure they get paid. Working in the office is fun because I get to spend time with brilliant songwriters and help organise events and gigs (like summer garden parties and songwriting camps in Abbey Road Studios). It's a fantastic place to work and get knowledge of the tricks of the music industry trade!

As for Creative Curating, we were so pleased with the success of our most recent event 'Amartuvshin's Opera Recital at Savile Club' and we are hoping to continue having successful events that everyone is welcome to enjoy! At the moment, we are planning our trip to Mongolia this July to September and really want to get in touch with some great new talents who want to grow on an international level, so if you know anyone...Tell them to message us! 

In the future, I will definitely be using this blog outlet as means of creating a connection with you all. I'll keep you updated 😊

 Anushka (Innovation Director)